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November 20, 2014
by Admin

Email Bag: Suggestion in for a Ballyboughal Walking Group

New fencing + old shrub removal - continuing renovations at monument

Suggestion in for a Ballyboughal walking club.

it notes:
not a club, with a committee. maybe a [dis/ organised group ? or just, more an organised time to meet up and walk together. maybe that’s all we need. all it takes is 2 people. to start. and see where it goes from there ? what do you think. ? can you help me ?

Great idea. Costs nothing. Anyone ?

November 18, 2014
by Admin

Wanted: Ballyboughal Christmas Choir Singers

Ballyboughal Choir

This in from Ron Delaney who sez:

Hi Pete,

We are starting our Christmas Carols rehearsals Wed at 7.30pm in Ballyboughal Church and additional singers are very much welcome.

The Carol service itself will take place on Wed 17th Dec at 8pm in Ballyboughal Church with refreshments afterwards in the National school across the road, kindly provided by the Community Council.

[Y]our choir. [Y]our community. You what to do. If you don’t…. Ye might just know someone who does. Go forth. Enjoy !

November 14, 2014
by Admin

Photo Friday – The Final Calf


This in from Ireland’s highest IQ Farmer of the Year award winner 2014, our very own The Michael Connell who sez:

Hi Peter, – thought you might like this one from Monday evening this week – our last calf of the year just born in pic alongside her very proud mammy and a few onlookers. A difficult birth in comparison but Mom and Baby all doing grand.

Cheers and Best Michael.

November 13, 2014
by Admin

Flood update. Ballyboughal November 2014

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bottom right hand corner.

November 10, 2014
by Admin

Gig: Ballyboughal Community Council AGM 2014

This in from The Ronnie Delaney who sez:
A reminder that the Ballyboughal CC will be holding their AGM tomorrow night Tues 11th Nov in the National School 9pm. It will include amongst other notes the annual activity report including update on the recent Tex Alert community system. Anyone interested in taking a role on the committee nominations will be accepted.
If anyone would like to email on a report of how the night goes we’d be more than happy to publish that here. Of note: no  heckling, unwrapping suck sweets or jibber jabber down the back of the hall. Also ask not what Ballyboughal can do for you, but wot you can do for the boughal. Enjoy.

November 8, 2014
by Admin

Lost and Found: 2 x Pony


This in from The Niamh, who sez:

Ahoy neighbour, its Niamh D here. If you get a chance at all could you please put a small notice on the website and the book face to read as follows:
Two ponies found wandering on the road around Bettyville this morning Saturday 08th Nov. Put into local stable for safe keeping. Could the owner please contact 0873517491/0851743748

You know what to do.

November 6, 2014
by Admin

Photo Friday: There’s Something About Mary

Pictured at Fingal County Councils Person of the Year Award 2014 above Peter Donegan, RTE’s Mary Kennedy and Eoin Delaney.

The overall award as a by the way, was won by Ballyboughal’s very own Ronnie Delaney. It deserves of course, a little more than one photo. The footage and images are being processed as we speak. Updates to follow. In the meantime….. Pride. Love this town. Nice one Ronnie. ;)