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10 things to make you happy…


I started this over at the landscaping blog and to quote myself here’s why…

the reason for doing this is because of george lee this… and I believe life is good… I dont have a gizillion dollar$… but life is good! If you’re smile isn’t as big as it normally should be… then this is for you enjoy!

so here are 10 that have nothing to do with plants…. just my ten things 😉

  • the rain on my face while walking the dogs
  • a real fire… smells lovely
  • writing poetry and reading ones written for me
  • homemade things from the farmers market
  • and cake
  • fresh coffee and grinding beans
  • playing old vinyls and new strings on my guitar
  • sund-ireland although i’m an arsenal fan
  • my good friends and people who smile sweetly
  • laughing at silly movies on Christmas day…


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  2. thanks declan mate 😉

  3. There’s always more than just 10 things to make you happy, but 10 is always a good start considering how many things are out there that make us sad.


    Read more about this at

  4. @James thats true mate, but if you have 10 things that make you happy – thats then less things that make you sad… well hopefully 🙂

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