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This site is voluntarily run, paid for and managed. We are not affiliated, owned or paid for by any local businesses. We both work for a living. This website is not that job. We do this in our spare time.

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Peter and Aido

Ballyboughal is a small town located in North County Dublin, Ireland. was set up in 2008 and is written, managed and run by Adrian McMahon and Peter Donegan.

In a world where some source their news whilst out for a walk in the village, the reality is more and more of us are now collating better news via our mobile phones, never mind our laptops and computers.

This site was set up to tell of the events, great news stories and happenings related to the village of Ballyboughal in a world were we may not always get to take that leisurely stroll as often as we might like.

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Re getting your local news on – The deal is very simple – There is a difference between local news and what is essentially business advertising.

It may not be the rental on a hall, but like any business or club, this site also has overheads, running costs and expenses.

If like us, you are doing your bit/a gig/ or club voluntarily and for the greater good obviously there is no greater pleasure we could take than to help you out in whatever way we can and logically we will only accept payment by way of lemon merangue pie, homemade. Thanks in advance and yummy in my tummy !

If however you’re a business or running a gig that is, for want of a better word, commercial and would like to have that business, gig, event or your companies news profiled here then we’ll ask for a donation.

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Adrian McMahon is a computer geek with Redeem&Get and Peter Donegan is a gardener with Donegan Landscaping