Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08


darts ballyboughal is the official website for the village of Ballyboughal, Fingal, North Co Dublin. – Voluntarily paid for run and managed by 2 lads as a hobby and on the go since 2008.

We are not affiliated with any* council,  local government or committee. And do not nor have ever been in receipt of any assistance (clarification: Peter once got a free bag of chips). Though I’m sure we could do with some. If you think you might be able to help out ? Drop us a line. 

Thanks for being very lovely. And enjoy.

X Peter and Aido

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Re getting your local news on –

  1. If like us, you are doing your bit, a charity gig, you’re a sound fella or club, voluntarily and for the greater good of the community; there is no greater pleasure than to help you out in whatever way we can – and – in this case there never will or, has has there been a charge or cost. You are what we are all about.
  2. If however you are a business or are running a gig that is, for want of a better word, commercial and would like to have that business, gig, event or your companies news profiled here then we’ll ask for a donation.

In short, there is a difference between local news and what is essentially business advertising. And though it may not be the rental on a hall, like any business or club, this site also has overheads, running costs and expenses.

Fancy a natter ? There are numbers and email addresses below. Just drop us a line  😉

Of Note:

  • We are not affiliated, owned or paid for by any local business or council.
  • We both work for a living and this website is not that job.
  • If you have a good news story you think should appear here, please of course do send it on.


  • We cannot type information are not given or we do not have; The only reason it will not appear here.
  • We all have mobile phones. Get hip with the kidz and use the camera on it. Innit.
  • There never was or will be any cost for any club/ volunteer group or their news to be noted here.
  • This site is also paid for, maintained and managed free of charge.
  • I like cake. Mississippi Mud Pie or merangue lemon, if you must ask.
  • Don’t forget the whipped cream.
  • It’s all good.


Making Contact:

Adrian McMahon is a computer geek with Redeem&Get and Peter Donegan is a gardener with Donegan Landscaping

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