Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Advertise, Adverts and Advertising


We are asked on a fairly regular basis about getting your local news on Sometimes by businesses and sometimes by you who like to read and catch up on local happenings.

In the simplest way of saying, there is a difference between what is local news and what is essentially business advertising. It may not be the rental on a premises, but like any business, or club, this site has overheads, costs and expenses.

If you are doing your bit/ a gig/ or club voluntarily and for the greater good obviously there is no greater pleasure we could take than to help you out in whatever way we can and logically we will only accept payment by way of lemon merangue pie, homemade. Thanks very gladly and yummy in my tummy.

If however you are a business or  company ie. commercial – and would like to have that business, gig, event or your companies news profiled here then we’ll ask for a donation to running costs of the site.

A donation ? a few bob, spondulas, some dosh, a buck, a clam, some dough, a few shillings, frogskins, duckets, the loot, licker, some bones, honk, lolly, moola -or- moolah, some readies or finally wonga.

To this you may say either

  • a] no spanks very muchly – or –
  • b] well that’s fair enough champ

If you have chosen A] it means we have more time to walk through Ballyboughal’s very beautiful countryside enjoying the scenery. If you’re answer is B] then we might just be able to throw a few bob towards the sites costs. Either or, it’s all good in the hood and happy in my nappy. Clap your hands ?

For businesses – hit the Ballyboughal contact page and we’ll try and arrange a wee natter.

For Local news – images, pictures, stories or whatever the case maybe  – simply pick an email address on the contact page and send it across. Modern technology. Don’t you just love it !

For other local places to advertise we highly recommend Enjoy Malahide or/ and Balbriggan proudly supported by Kevin Rowe Events


  1. Ballyboughal with World Wide Web (www dot). Local meets international and local again.
    People can (could) leave comments by way of free advertising.
    Well done on the locals local news chums. 4 years old heading for 5 is impressive.

    John J.

  2. Thanks for the John, glad you like the site 🙂

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