Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

All about the weather (Aged 8)



There are many different kinds of weather.
It can be hot, cold, wet dry, windy or still.
On sunny days the sky is blue.
The bright sun is warm and the weather can be very hot.
When the sun shines the clouds are often white and fluffy.

Air is all around us but we cannot see or taste it
but we can feel it when it moves.
Moving air is called the wind.
We can see the wind moving the trees.
People use the wind to sails boats.

On cloudy day, the sky is grey.
We often have rain.
A raincoat and boats help to keep us dry when we go out in the rain.
Sometime, in a rain shower, the sun comes out and shines through raindrops.
That’s when we see a rainbow.


  1. Nice post Luke!

    In Singapore we have no summer and no winter… it’s always the same weather!

    It’s either hot & raining, or hot & humid!

  2. Hi Luke! I like rain a lot, which is good because it rains in Ireland all the time 🙂

  3. hey guys thanks for your comments I’ll right some soon

  4. Robin I heard your my dad’s friend

  5. Hey buster I think you meant to say Raincoat and Boots 🙂 but I’m sure they got the idea. Robin is from Howth but is living and working in Singapore and you already know Kamrul 🙂

  6. Luke I’ll have to change that mug shot…

  7. @ aido change both mug shots while you’re at it….
    coffee’s still on the brew

    great post luke. nice one.

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