Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08



at least i've got me pension

me pension

none of ye wondered where i was. none of ye? i wasn’t well. Why? well its none of your busines now. and in the meanwhile the two gobshites kept at it. I told you before mcmachon yor an eejit. A big one. as for the famous landscaper… well you knoew what you can kiss? or maybe you dont. who cares.

I hear ye asking what is there to do in this town of the roadworks named bally go backwrasd? Did anyone answer you? peoples here don’t give a donuts about this place…. other wise theyd have leave a comment???

i also hear the pub is opening? is it now. well we will see. i’m not going into it. ever. the jacks is broken anyhow so why should I. And its smelly. Maybe it wont be be when it done up.

bally go backwards

bally go backwards

Never mind that – those little gits were smashing up cars again in ballyboughil. I wish i knew their parents. smash up the call box, smash the window on the pub.. theres nothing left in the town to smash. How about i get the cavalry from one of my old John Wayne black and white VHS’s and we’ll go and do that mularky outside your house and to your window and your phone. i might be old and grumpy but your thick gobshites.


  1. Gymnastics comes to Rolestown – North County Gymnastics Club have recently set up in Rolestown Community Centre. Classes are held on a Thursday evening and Saturday morning for any young budding gymnast aged between 4 and up…. For further details please contact Leone @ 0876204593 or Lisa @ 0868472955.

  2. Hey I know Ballyboghill, used to play football against you from Lusk here. Jesus is it that bad there? It is pathetic that you only got one comment. Only reason I found you is that I typed in gobshite in google. It’s a sad state of affairs that Boghill comes up under gobshite. I quite like the place myself. Anyway cheers and cheerup and thump the fuckers breaking the place up.

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