Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

ballyboughal rangers 2009 champions




i’m going down to join in with the lads and the celebrations…. so I guess a proper report and video will just have to wait a little….

For the moment… I’ll leave you with this 🙂  Congratulations once again. Thank you all.


  1. Well done lads!!! I’m delighted for ya….meet you on Fri if youse are on still celebrating?!??!

  2. come on boughal
    u legends
    come on de fupp

    *note :
    Dear Willie,
    whilst your comment was approved…. your comment was edited, mildly, due to your excitement in the use of the english language. It is appreciated and accepted that you are a very enthusiastic gentleman, but, we’ve a family show to run here and likes to think of you, in particular, as that of good standing and moreso an examplary example to the up and coming in the village.

    Best wishes

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