Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Ballyboughal Rangers GFC v St. Andrews [carlow]





venue: Balgriffin, Dublin
k.o. time: 2.30pm
final score: 1-10 to 1-08
man of the match: willie wogan
scorers: c.wynne 1-3; g.seavers 4pts; n.mcgelligotte 1pt; i.rooney 1pt; p.monks 1pt



Match no. 1 versus St Andrews Of Carlow was played today. A nervy one from a supporters point of view… is an understatement… but, the lads were always ahead in the game. Never once behind.

If you weren’t able to make it…. I was of course covering the match by internet live text over at – click here and apart from one St Andrews supporter 😉 I did get a little heated with Nookie Senior on one side and me screaming at the ref on the other side… so my apologies for the odd error…

The match report [as I reported it] is below…. obviously its back to front but you get the gist if you can’t make the next match and want to log on… There’s also a file of photographs that I took over here at  – some of these are below…


  • Update on final score of game…. Ballyboughal final score 1-10 to 1-8
  • Well done St Andrews.about 1 hour ago from Tweetie
  • @Ballyboughal 1-11 to 1-08 ? (via @JohnnyMorto) <<< well Nookie Snr says my final score is right;))
  • @Sarxos thanks mate
  • Ballyboughal win!!!! 1-9 to 1-7
  • Nervy….
  • Free out thank God
  • Sa miss 1-10 to 1-8 save on line
  • 2 mins left
  • Peter monks point bb 1-10 to 1-8
  • Wynne yellow card
  • Sa point bb 1-9 to 1-8a 
  • @JohnnyMorto waves at Johnny;))
  • 1-7about
  • Linesman update bb 1-9 to 0-7
  • Need to check my scores here
  • Gerry seavers point
  • 1-7 to 1-7
  • Sa penalty… I dunno why
  • Sa point bb 1-7 to 0-7
  • I’ve never seen so many wides….
  • Sa yellow card….
  • Nervy times
  • Sa point bb 1-7 to 0-6
  • Sa point bb 1-7 to 0-5
  • Liam and Ian #ballyboughal 
  • Ciaran wynne score bb 1-7 to 0-4
  • Off…. And very fast moving now
  • Boys back out on the pitch…
  • Half time…. Giving my fingers a rest. See you in 7 mins
  • Sa point bb 1-6 to 0-4
  • This ref is whistle happy
  • A bb point by wynne bb 1-6 to 0-3
  • Another sa yellow card and…
  • Sa go wide on a free..
  • Bb are playing in blue btw… As they’re representing #Dublin #gaa
  • Bb 1-5 to 0-3
  • Sa point
  • Bb point bb 1-6 to 0-2 Ian Rooney point
  • Bb 1-5 to 0-2 … Another sa head injury pauses play
  • Gerry seavers point
  • Niall mcgelligotte point bb 1-4 to 0-2
  • Great save by Dave off the line for bb
  • Sa man down ‘head injury….’ ouch
  • Sa point bb1-3 to 0-2 … Yes I got one wrong 😉
  • Sa yellow card for off the ball dig on Delaney
  • Bb goal Ciaran wynne bb 1-3 to 0-2
  • Bb point Gerry seavers bb 0-3 to 0-2
  • Good game now…
  • Sa wide scores same…
  • @Sarxos we’ll see…. 😉
  • @Ballyboughal Good luck with the match. (via @bngr)
  • St Andrews (sa) score bb 0-2 to 0-1
  • @Mark_Coughlan thanks mark?!!
  • Bb score gerry seavers point bb 0-2 to 0-0
  • Nervy start…
  • Bb Ciaran wynne point bb 0-1 to 0-0
  • Ballyboughal…. 3 shots so far but wide… Good attacking stuff
  • And were off
  • Ballyboughal team picture… Not the greatest quality but best I coul do…
  • Umpires and refs on the pitch now. St Andrews just warming up. Boughal boys gone for the team chat  
  • Some of the Boughal supporters waiting for St Andrews of Carlow to get beat….;)))  
  • Lads out on the pitch just warming up for the 2.30 kick off #gaa #Leinster #ballyboughal 
  • At balgriffin with Nookie Snr €5 in at the gate


  1. Well – I’m from Naomh Fionnbarra from Louth and we are playing St Andrews in the Leinster Junior Club championship next Sunday – any hints / guys to watch out for ??? cheers

  2. A Chara Mark,

    from memory…. wear a hurling helmet 😉

    after that best of luck to both teams. Let me know how ye get on.

  3. st andrews into junior semi this year against st monicas, lost intermediate final again this year but very strong for this years leinster

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