Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Ballyboughal Text Alert System


Ballyboughal text alert launch 2014


  1. Text Alert number 086-2608225 to join/ sign up
  2. always call the Gardai in Balbriggan first : 01-8020510
  3. have a read of the full text below


July 2015,
This in from The Dave Walton who sez:

Text Alert is a voluntary service run by the Community Council. Since its set-up last year over 300 people have joined and the feedback has largely been very positive. We’ve issued over 30 alerts to the community, including a missing person alert, and we know we and the Gardai have dissrupted several criminal activities in the area on the back of it.  The Text Alert signs now act as a deterrent to criminals acting in the area (they don’t like it)  but the system is only as good as the Garda on duty on any given day and the members of the community that feed into it. It’s not perfect or foolproof. We provide regular feedback to the Gardai in Balbriggan (including yesterday’s activity) who have generally been very supportive and responsive.

If you see criminal or suspicious activty always call the Gardai in Balbriggan first on 01-8020510. If a crime has occured or you think that suspicious activity should be passed on to the wider community, in the second instance, after calling the  Gardai, you can always text the details to the Text Alert number 086-2608225 where we can verify and push it out to the Ballyboughal community in daylight hours (8am-10pm). Remember this is a battle against criminals and we need to be alert and work together as a community to win.

Anyone wishing to join Text Alert system can also send a text to the mobile number above and we’ll get in touch with you asap.

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