Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Ballyboughal – the rules of the feckin road


so ye moved to ballyboughal. Good man yourself. But why do ye drive right up the middle of a country road like a bull behind the wheel of a flippin’ army tank. Do you know how wide the road is? Do you see anything outside of that rearview mirror you use for doing your face painting in and ye dropping the childers to school. Do ye know this is feckin’ New York! For those of you are new here – here the feckin’ rules of the road. I think some of ye reckon your like these two gobshites…. video first – rules second…

1] who ever hits the nearest layby, driveway or whatever first – pull in for Jasus sake. We can’t all fit.

2] when someone who you don’t know passes you by car, bike or horse – feckin’ wave, say hiya or whatever is the polite version of saying i’m not an ignoramous. Your mother would be proud of ye

3] The speed limit doesn’t mean shite. Take your feckin’ time. You’re not Nigel Mansel in a getaway car; probably more Nigel[a] Lawson in a feckin’ tank.

4] You little f**kers who do 360 degree wheel spins and leave tyre marks in circles and then drive past my house with a hairdyer for a car…. have a guess

5] ladies.. have some respect there’s no need to try and be netter drivers than category 4] especially when the young ‘uns are in the back and you’re on the phone

6] I might be old but that dont mean your allowed tip me into a ditch like happened not so long ago – you know who you are ye little shite ye.

7] Tractors have to go into a field eventually. Turn on Lyric fm for a little and relax eventually you wont be behind us.

8] Young fella! Turn down that stereo or the car door will explode of the feckin’ door

9] young one! you too… just coz daddies rich and mamma can afford the insurance and petrol

10] TRUCK DRIVERS does it look like a motorway

and FINALLY would ye all just feckin’ relax, smile and show how well ye were learnd your manners growing up

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