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Best Broadband in Ballyboughal

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“What internet provider do you have? There isn’t many that provide a service out here so just wanted to know if anyone has any good provider they can recommend.”

The punchline answer you’ll get is “There isn’t

The exchange in Ballyboughal hasn’t been upgraded and most likely won’t be upgraded any time soon. From a business point of view it probably boils down to supply and demand, Eircom can make more by spending their money else where but from a family point of view its a lot of tears and frustration.

imgres-3Out here the landline at best (in my experience) will be about 3mb download and 0.25mb upload. If you are hitting anything over 5mb then chances are everyone from the village is at work and school.

Think of the M50 motorway and travelling. On a good day outside of rush hour you’ll probably cross it in 45 minutes but when everyone is driving home bumper to bumper. The Eircom network servicing Ballyboughal is a bit like this its great when there is no one home but in the evening it grinds to a halt.

Hello this is ______(Eircom, Sky, Vodafone) sales calling we’ve just done a line test and with us you’ll get 5MB speeds. While technically this is true the fine print will say speeds ‘up to’ and you cant fault a good sales person as we all live in hope

So is there any hope? Kinda… it depends on what you want. Each provider offers different bundles which will appeal to different family needs such as TV and free landline calls

Sky   imgres




If you want free evening calls, TV and internet then you’ll probably want to go with Eircom or Sky (I’ve got Sky its brilliant as is their customer service) but the down side is your speed is limited. I’m completely talking from first hand experience here having tried many landline providers they were all the same, over promised, under delivered and bowed out with excuses pointing back to our antique exchange.

That cant be it in this day and age?  We cant continue to suffer a narrowband experience with all devices (TVs, Fridges, CCTV, Home Heating) getting smarter. It wont be too long before we’re left in the dark ages (for those who remember dialup). So I started looking for options and had a chat with some folks on BookFace to see what they used and what their experience was. I knew the answer was in the clouds with 4G but just wasn’t sure about the hardware. I found the answer…

The answer was in Huawei (not Hawaii) this is a device very much like you broadband router you use at home except it doesn’t use a landline instead it uses a 4G sim. It has a very simple plug and play setup, you plug it in and go online as normal except you’ll be hitting 4G speeds which can be anything from 10MB and beyond it jsut depends on how strong the signal is in your area.

Well thats me ruled out I cant hit 4G on my phone so it wont work…” again thats not entirely true as this router works well the higher you have it. Adding to that you can buy and external aerial and stick it on the roof which will amplify the signal and boost your connection. I have one at home and the speeds are great, the upload speed is mental.


The Geek speak:

  • LTE FDD 2600/2100/1800/900/800 MHz, LTE TDD 2600 MHz / 150Mbps download; 50Mbps upload
  • UMTS 2100/900 MHz / 42.2Mbps DC-HSPA+ download; 5.76Mbps upload
  • 802.11b/g/n; Encryption WEP, WPA and WPA2 Supports up to 32 devices
  • 2 x SMA connectors, 2 x Phone jack RJ11 interface, 1 x USB 2.0 host port, 4 x Auto-sensing Ethernet RJ45 interface
  • 1 x Standard Size SIM card slot

Where can I buy one? Luckily the router is now available from on a contract it costs €79.00 for the router and about €35 a month from the sim. If you want better speeds then I’d recommend this and seeing as its really mobile you can bring it with you on your travels if you holiday in Ireland for example.

What you need to be aware of is that on three there is a download limit of 60GB so you’d have to monitor your usage but there is ways around that.

Slow-broadbandAdditionally, I bought my router unlocked off Amazon it cost me all in €200. You are probably wondering why I did that. The main reason is so I can move freely between operators and the bonus reason is that same router from three only allows 10 devices to be connected at any one time where as the unlocked router allows up to 32 connections.

€200 euro might sound expensive but for me it was worth it we have a lot of connected devices at home and the kids used to go nuts over the speeds those days are gone.

Always interested to hear of alternatives and suggestions if you have any leave a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for all the information on broadband, very helpful. Does anybody know if there has been any progress on better broadband. Tested our own last week which is through the landline and we are getting 0.8Mbps – embarrassing in this day and age.

    All suggestions welcome as would like to scrap the landline.



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