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bord gáis and the big switch


last night pre its launch to the general paparazzi The Rembrandt resulting from collison course was presented to a select blogging community.

First. Have I been paid to write this article? No. Did I get  free t-shirt? No. I was invited to attend. I attended. But I liked what I heard. I liked what I saw. I could have written it over at Donegan Landscaping… but this isn’t just for gardeners… it’s great for all of us. Take a look….

Bord Gáis intend to launch its electricty service to the general public.

So why am I telling you this? Why am I bovvered. Because I don’t like semi states than are involved in price fixing that have had fixed prices for too long and competition is always good. This is guaranteed money saving and easy peezy. ‘Her indoors’ will be calling today.

They already have signed 15,000 of the 85,000 IFA members.

So what are the boys doing? Well… they will give discounts greater than the ESB, guaranteed, is ever possible to [and a minimum] of the following

  • 10 % year one
  • 5% year two
  • 5% year 3

That’s not bad? It’s great!! And maybe the ESB may cop on. They won’t you know. At least I dont think so. What have you got to do? Go to their website. Click call me back. And its done for you. YES. They do all the backround stuff.

These are good guys. I like them. They care. They give a hoot. They’re creating  jobs. They’re saving ‘us’ money. The staff care. All of them. And people who care deserve a bulaidh bós.


  1. Still don’t really get what’s happening here cause a lot of your links are directing back to this page.

    (Also, what’s with the red faces?)

  2. Ok I get it now.

  3. enron that was good competition eh?

  4. hang on there’s no competition in the gas market, that means these guys are bad. doesn’t it.

  5. @bngr
    you got it :roll:

    @sw re enron… no comment – there is competition in the gas market i think you’ll find… and re electricity – competition is always good esp. if it *will* save you money 😆

  6. gas piped to your house competition in ireland?

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