Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Cheer me up Friday


lovely guy – met him in the petrol station last week doing the lotto. That said a comical genius. I could honestly do Cheer me up Friday with Jason alone for the rest of my life.
Sorry Jason – you’ve better stuff – but I had to keep it clean[er].


  1. I likes ‘Cheer Me Up Friday’. I agree with you – he’s a comic genius.

  2. I have to agree a sound chap. I met Jason recently in Roganstown, just down from Ballyboughal. He asked loudly who is Adrian McMahon? I looked up and said that depends, only my mother calls me Adrian. It turns out our macs had crossed paths.

    I’ve heard Jason bought over in Oldtown, how true that is I don’t know.

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