Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Cnoc Dubh ?


Ah yes welcome to the beautiful countryside, farming rural town of Ballyboughal where the sheep sleep all day and the leaves of the trees rustle in the wind….


Anyhow, Deputy Kennedy has been communicating with the Ballyboughal Community Council…. [?] and emailed me this [quote] detailed breakdown of development levies for the Swiftcourt Developments Site from Fingal County Council.

It’s the only news I can get, for those asking.

I have emailed both Michael [Michael.Kennedy[at]Oireachtas[dot]ie] and Liam Kindregan this post.

Deputy Kennedy

The approved development is for mixed use and is calculated on 1383 sq metres of commercial development and 9431 sq metres of residential development.   There are numerous different house types and changes under Additional Information so it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to quantify a unit based levy if that is what is required.  There is also a separate levy for open space shortfall.

The amount outstanding is €1,480,000 of which €1,175,000 is the standard levy and €305,000 is for open space shortfall.  All of the latter figure goes to Parks Division and the former figure is broken down as follows; 48.84% to Transportation, 34.9% to Water Services, 15.68% to Community/Parks and 0.58% to Regeneration.

A sum of €493,310 has been paid to date and has been apportioned in accordance with the above %’s as follows;

Transportation                           €191,167

Water Services                          €136,603

Community/Parks                      €61,374

Regeneration                             €2,271

Parks-Open Space Shortfall     €101,895


Total                                            €493,310

Can I suggest that if the Ballyboughal Community Council have any further queries in relation to this matter that they contact Liam Kindregan direct on 01-8905760 or liam.kindregan[at]fingalcoco[dot]ie



  1. What on earth? The montage of what it is supposed to look like is nearly as bad as reality. These places will be the current ‘deserted villages’ or ‘famine villages’.

  2. That’s the first time I’ve seen the “artist image” of what was supposed to happen…

    “A Different Perspective on City Living”-looking at the site at the moment would give you a great perspective on city living, and make you wonder why you would ever want to leave.

    Radharc Uafásach.

  3. @nick
    a very accurate statement and based on the information I have I cant disagree.

    radharc uafásach is very much the understatement.
    wonder where the politicians are….?

    fingal independent ?

  4. Is there any further update on this as I’m one of the unfortunates who paid a deposit on a house here and have never seen a red cent of it back. Those builders are fully responsible for everyones pain and loss at this site but I’m sure they are quite happy in portugal

  5. Is there anything further on this site they are still listed as in receivership seven years on

  6. Intention to apply for planning is now up at Cnoc Dubh April 2017. Planning permission notice should apply shortly

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