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Cork? Poker? Charity?


I got this from a guy I know who knows another guy– no! he doesn’t sell dodgy cars – he does computer stuff that I’ll never fully understand. But if he speakes the word… you’d better get your arse [and wallet outta here]. Anyway…. Cork? Poker? Charity?

The missus can’t argue with that for a weekend away – or if you are the missus – he can’t argue with that. All In a good name of cause. Yeah it’s short notice but for Gods sake – you have to live sometime. Are you gonna run away with Joanna Lumley? Join The secret service? Say F*** on tv like Geldof? No then go to Cork and do something like the other highrollers and make yourself useful

Watch the video first, then get the details below….

DETAILS: This coming Saturday, a friend of mine is organising a Charity Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament in the Bank Casino on Father Mathew street to raise money for the Zimbabwean branch of Serve (

Should be great fun… I’ll be there, and we need to spread the word for a last push to get a few more bodies involved, so if you could let people know any way you can that would be great!

Full details on the Facebook event page or you can email to register your interest, or to get more details.

Please spread the word!


  1. Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. A Chara Frank

    all thanks to Damien Mulley. Hope it goes well for you! Well done and fair play.

    slán agus beannacht

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