Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Cruising in the Phoenix Park


I recieved an email recently which reminded me of a converation I had recently with Peter Donegan and Eoghan McCabe at the Dublin Open Coffee Club. Peter and co are preparing for Bloom 2008. I am looking forward to seeing their project when its complete.

Bloom in the Park is the largest and most spectacular gardening event in Ireland, hosted by Bord Bia. Its a competition of sorts where gardeners can get creative as they like.

Last year Peters peice was No Rubber Soul. Usually the idea of an old car in the garden is for the chickens but not this baby, some might say it was far fetched but infact it was very rock and roll.

When it comes to being creative Peter knows no boundries and is known for “pushing the boat out”. This year Peter is plonking a 1957 33ft 7 tonne , three story pleasure cruise boat in the middle of the Phoenix Park and is building a marina around it!


The boat/build started over the bank holiday weekend with the boat making its first voyage. It took 7 men, a 30 tonne specialist marine transporter and 6 hours to lift and move it 6 km.


I was hoping to capture the boats arrival onsite using Qik but last weeks Duke’s of Hazard stunt crippled my car so I never made it. Peter is painting the boat pink, which seems a little odd but I doubt it could be worse than what Stephen Ireland did to his Range Rover.

Alone it’s costing over one thousand Euros in paint. I recently had a chat with Peter and it came as no surprise that it costs money to put it altogether but, I was surprised to hear exactly how much it would cost.

This 1957 33ft pleasure cruiser has a little bit of history, but I’ll leave that story there, Peter might tell you. I’ll pop along and capture some of the moments on Qik and follows its maiden voyage!


  1. A Chara Aido,

    how much the garden will cost is like the cost of a car – pretty much however mch you wish to spend. What we have is a garden that will probably cost €80-100k.

    However, the show garden is being made possible by so many good people within the industry covering those costs and offering their time and services – most of them as you know of Ballyboughal/ fingal fame.

    In the case of BDF commercials for example [the brains behind the morris minor last year] their yard, their time, facilities etc all for a love of the game!
    Brilliant to see.

    Because of this we only really need a [financial]sponsor of around 25-30k.

    The boat story is interesting – probably best I save that for the Qik gig – a sort of ‘I wonder what will happen in Eastenders tonight’ sort of thing?!! maybe not!

    coffee is on
    slán go minic agus go raibh míle maith agat arís

  2. @Peter,
    That would make a very interesting Qik video – I’ll touch base off line and pop up over the weekend 🙂

    Talk t’ya soon!

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