Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

fall in love with the web again…?


a host of over 300 legends gathered at the Irish web awards last night to celebrate everything that ‘we should fall in love with. The main brain of the night was of course The Big D and a fantabulous host was none other than The Rickster. My possé started with that of Aido, another Northsider Ben Wan kenobe, Aido eile and my good self.

This is the bit where I apologise for not listing a couple of hundred bloggers individually – but – if you do write about it or have photos – send me a note and I’ll pop it up here. In the mean time enjoy the pics!

UPDATE: [borrowed from Mulleys blog] people posted here at Tommy C’s, videos here, ‘at Peter D’s post here AND another here. (Greedy ain’t he?)’ [rofl?!!], Keith’s post here, State, Alexia, Richard, Ken and me. David D. John Williams. Jennifer (Get well!) and Irish Times print coverage.

UPDATE: and mayburys blog….


  1. Apart from the very dodgy pics of me there, great photos! Good chatting with you as well last night Peter, only man more dressed up than me!

  2. @darragh you legend!

  3. Great pics in there Peter.

  4. A Chara Anthony

    …after a lot of edit – delete – of course your crowning glory is noted here mate

    bulaidh bós and well done

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  6. So when you said “I’m watching you” – you weren’t lying…

  7. a lot of editing of photos took place David – surprisingly – it was necessary for the poetry boy! it seems more a case of in most of the photos i took you were in the backround… [is you’re second name caruso?!!]

  8. Wow! Looks like there were some SERIOUS shapes been thrown on the dance floor. Great stuff!

  9. It was a great event, very well organised and the food was super. Got to finally meet some old faces, make new friends and have a blast.

    I’ve got some Qiks which could go into this post also. Like usual the end of the night just kept getting better, as for yerman Jason Statham 🙂

  10. @jennifer – i got hit with a triangle [*looks suspiciously at @bohoe and @martharotter]

    @aido *agrees with first paragraph*

    ps will embed qiks today

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  12. I don’t recall being in possession of a triangle, so I’m going to claim innocent here.

    Unfortunately I *am* guilty of playing the Leg Guitar though, apologies to everyone.

  13. @martharotter,

    it wasn’t even your leg!?!


  14. Yes i am that angry in real life!

    Great post, even though i had to watch you struggle putting it up!

    A party aint a party till someone gets nekkid! (or at the very least topless!)

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  16. What a fab night, have to say Damien did a great job- as did the Radisson. Must remember not to wear pink to the next gig, finding photos all over the place and I don’t remember most of them!

    Roll on the Blog Awards…

  17. great to meet you there Ciara – one to remember… or forget?!!

    slán go foill

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