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monk writingThey say that everybody has at least one good book inside them. Everybody has a story to tell, be it the journey to the shop or their walk in life so far. Since I started there has been two main contributors to this site oh and lets not forget, one old fart (I wont give him praise as he’d get the hump).

Its great to see the site getting local traffic and to hear people talking about it in the local. It makes it all time and effort spent worthwhile.

I’m happy with the redesign, the old one was a bit of a dog. Now that the design is complete I’m looking at new areas to grow the site. The blog will continue to be the main road of the site but lets just say there is more to come, what that is I’ve yet to figure out.

What I would like to see is more local people writing for the site. After moving into the village 3 times within the last 17 (or so years ago) I’m still a blow-in 🙂 However with the recent success the GAA team have had I’ve seen there is a lot of stories yet to be told.

You might ask yourself “What do I have to contribute?” The answer to that I don’t know but, why don’t you tell us. You might have the gift of the gab on the history of the GAA team, in fact a GAA reporter would be a nice have for this site. As it has been proven there is a lot of supporter across the pond. So you could do a weekly update of all things Ballyboughal GAA.

You may be involved in the local Scouts, Set Dancing or other clubs that need to get their messages out there or you may just want to publish the weekly village lotto numbers and talk about music.

Blogging is not a complicated process, if you can send an SMS or an email then you can do it. Trust me I have managed to teach an Octopus to type.

I’ll show you the ropes it’ll take no more than 30 minutes to get you started. Its not a long term commitment, you can test the waters with a single post but be warned its very addictive 🙂

If your interested then simply pop me an email to Aido[at] or stop me in the street. Or, if you want to make an immediate claim for an email address then leave a comment below with the desired name, for example

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  1. @aido

    i’ll assume a pre-requisite is that one must be from/ living/ used to live in ballyboughal…… ? 😉


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