Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

for the record…




This site is written for free.It is written in the spare time of Peter Donegan & Adrian Mc Mahon [mainly]. It has been re-designed and rebuilt this week. There are costs associated with this. The name had to be bought. The hosting account also cost money every year.

It also ‘bloggers ethic’ to note if ‘a free meal’ has been recieved at the very start of any blog post. To date the only ‘free meal’ in the history of was given to Peter when Enricos just opened. [enter enricos in the search bar] He got a bag of chips and a battered sausage. This was noted. Enricos did offer money but this was logically refused.

If you believe or know of a way can make money please let us know. Adrian and Peter would both like to pay off their mortgages this year 😆

Other than that you can leave a comment below each post and maybe make a suggestion as to something that could be written here. You can also write a guest post. Or maybe you have some news you would like the village to know….

Now…. lets get on with beating those Bally boys tomorrow 😉

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