Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

happy new year??


ballyboughal pintive not been well again. happy new year my arse. happy Christmas? not for me. the grandkids were sqaushing cake into the carpet singing jingle bells and that stuff and the other one wanting kisses under the missletoe. happy? i dont think so. whats happy about that?

i didnt go near the pub. i dont want to. why would i. the pub. i rather play monolopy. thats what they have a monolopy. i wanted to go to kettles this week but im told the music is cancelled on a thursday there now. shut up mcmahon thats just anpother excuse not to have to hear you play that girlzone crap on the guitar. so whats happy?

its freezing. my legs are sore. maybe i’m just tired. Sure maybe im still tired of listening to that gardener fella harping on about how e loves trees so much. happy? my arse

but maybe things are looking up. i saw the hairdressers opened opposite the monolopy. i never liked barbers much. full of old men babbling on about shite i might go up and get my hair done. the ladies might make me a cup of tea and a bisciut. Id like that very much. of course i need my oap discount. do they do that?

and while im here. 2fm. ii get my tv and radio licence free. i paid my taxes long enough. give me back rick o’ shea. happy Christmas to you too ye feckin shower. I liked him. i wonder do they have a radio in the hairdressers.

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