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Hire a car from Budget Car Hire?


budget ? car hire cork airportI just read donegans post on Budget car in Cork Airport. [read it or the rest means shite to you]. I told you before Donegan. You didn’t listen. Budget my arse. You’d need some budget at that rate. McMahon was right. Who’d go with you anyway. You should have stayed in Connors playing guitar. Good you were on your own. Else you’d end up selling your guitar to pay for the car hire. I don’t like people like that. Oh you want to drive it? that will cost you extra squire. Oh you want to sit in it as well? be gorra – they really stuck it into you.

I know who I’d like to see strapped in to this. Of course there would need a sur-charge and parking and sstrapping in charges and i’d stuff that jet pack right up your mans….

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