Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

i spy a tweet up


last night there was a tweet-up! Rick was doing dj at spy and a host of blog-stars turned up to listen to a little less of girly set [which somehow or another managed a spice girls tune into it… that said ACDC made up for that one!!]

Holding strong at the frontline was darren, darragh, marie, myself, lexia, damien, legend eile, debbie, ben,sinead and a long list of people who go usually under a different ‘handle’ [online name – it you tweet/ mail/ text me i’ll pop you in – no offence meant?!!]

Anyhow – a great night was had by all – although the dancing wasn’t really ‘carlton’ style


  1. Nicely done sir, nicely done indeed 🙂

    (And thankfully only one picture of me!)

  2. Ohhh wait, there’s more. I just didn’t recognise myself 😛

  3. ‘well i bet that you look good on the dance floor!’
    the ‘new’ legend – Darren just got the boot!!

  4. lmao

    Brilliant post – some excellent pics there. Shame you didn’t get one of the taxi home!!!

    You ok this morning though? I was worried about you.

  5. Darren mate – don’t be worried i have a lot of experience in this field and the taxi was quite cosy!!

  6. Goog good! The taxi driver looked a little worried too. 😉

  7. Good good! The taxi driver looked a little worried too. 😉

  8. glad to see you found the worst possible photo of me anyways.

    I wasn’t worried about ya. Thought ya had your shit wired tight!
    Great night

  9. Looks like I missed a great night. Whats the world coming too when someone cannot get a message to you.

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  11. did you want to get a message to me? aido – did you miss me?!

  12. yup, great photos. peter, I’ve never seen this blog before!!

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