Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

im off to the jacks




so the lads managed to pull it out. they managed to pull the feckin thing out of that socket stuck to the rear of there splleens.

what on earth where ye pair at. cat farking and spluttering down there in that sheebeen like too gobdahs. just bsceause you pair did nuttin for janie knows how long im supposed to be lyina under a good bag of top soil. and what the feck would you know donegal about that? nutting. hanging around town on a scooter with that excuse fo a guitar player aido or adrian. adrian is a girls name and thats exactly what you pair are a pair of girls.yoyu own a girls scooter dont ye mcmahon. gobshites

well stuff you too the pare of ye and all the letters that you can fit in your letterbox and your lisbon vote and your chips and your feckin cars and that up there picture thats what i think of the pare of ye.and whens those somputer courses soming back to the village in that legs are stilla bit sore thats right donegal if they werent i kick you in the hole ye girl gobshite.

what day is it. the house is getting a bit cold. need to go up to kettles where they havent a fire anymore. not a real one. i need to buy some coal. i need me pension. i need a drink. and some toilet rolls.

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