Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

In Business In Ballyboughal ?


It’s not that long ago most will remember that the pub was closed…. Put simply, not a lot was happening in this wee town. Before one forgets it was only October 2008 saw O’Connors Pub pub re-open.

The wee shops across the way also opened shortly after. We got a chipper and for the first time people didn’t have to travel to the Naul or Swords to get some fast[?] food. Then came Red velvet hair salon and also the Zenith centre in the thatched cottage.

My point…. I wanted to do something to promote businesses in Ballyboughal.Those named above may be the ones we pass everyday but how many exist in the village that we don’t know about…

How many employ just one person, part time [for eg] – who with that extra money get their hair done maybe – the girl[s] from the hairdresser then buys petrol and the wages paid to someone from there then buys a Ballyboughal GFC tracksuit… the list goes on. has decided to do our bit… it may well be titled Ballyboughals website. But – more than that – it can get your message far beyond the boundaries of this town.

What We Can Do For You:

We have decided to do a business profile for Ballyboughal based companies/ businesses that get in touch – with the required information below for free. Yes free gratis. For the craic. For free – gottit ? 😉


What we require:

  • no more than 6 images [size no greater than 125kb]
  • a video – link only – if you wish – already uploaded to vimeo or youtube
  • your address, sat nav co-ordinates website and telephone numbers etc.
  • some text about your business. A story whatever you choose…. but in no greater than 200 words.

If you do not have a website – don’t worry. A post will be done for you and this we will link to on the blogroll [see right hand column of website under pixie photos] so people know how to contact you or find you online.

Good news stories are also always most welcome…. but at least we won’t have to explain over and over what it is you do. We will also upload your images to and announce on twitter.

All we ask is that:

  • you have a business address in ballyboughal
  • I don’t mind if you make cakes or fly to the moon. If its a part time or a full time business… variety and spice etc
  • and you say thanks, or nod your head…. or whatever is most polite
  • please – do follow the what we require list above. It is very important. I don’t want my computer to crash and then for you to fall out with me.
  • I don’t mind how big or small your service or business is

How to:

  • contact Peter by email info[at]doneganlandscaping[dot]com
  • or contact Adrian by email adrianmcmahon[at]gmail[dot]com
  • any queries or questions – simply leave a comment below