Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Is Fingal County Council watching the ball?


Is Fingal County Council doing a good enough job?

Like many a self builder I had to pay for the privilege to build a house on my on land.  Fingal County Council call it the Development levy.  Basically, for ever square meter of development you have to pay €130.00.  Fingal County Council say its your contribution to maintain road frontage amongst other things.  That is all well and good, if they get out there and fix/maintain stuff.

To this day I have not seen a Fingal County Council worker doing anything of the sorts in the village.  Granted, I’ve not gone out of my way to look for them and in fairness I have seen one or two water division vans along the way.

I suspect Fingal County Council would rather out source and contract projects.  At this minute work is taking place but I wonder has anyone asked Fingal County Council if they are inspecting same.  It wasn’t so long ago the (for example) main street of Ballyboughal village was resurfaced.  It was a two part project that stretched as far as Roganstown.

It was a perfect drive, not a single pot hole so to speak.  It didn’t last very long as contractors are back out there ripping up the road to lay new pipes. Whats got my goat up is the state they leave it in?

I could bang on about how we all pay road tax and how we are getting ripped off having to put up with sub standard roads however I wont, instead I’ll get a few snaps of the conditions the road surface is being left in and wait and see how it turns out after the pipe makes its way to the new housing estate being developed.

I’ll also drop into Fingal County Council and make some inquiries, to see what they have to say about it.


  1. That cursed tax…
    For drainage – not with the treatment plant I have. For schools
    For water – ah come on!!
    For bins – taxed already
    For roads – M50, car tax, diesel, insurance and just short of thumb tacks at this rate

    happy wednesday

  2. Got bent over for 2 grand. Absolutely no way out of it. Once you pass the 40sqmetre point, they are stuck into you. I will gladly accept emails offering a way to make your council work for there poxy levy. Don’t pay an architect to submit your planning application, get the lazy people in the councils to help you!

  3. Just like you said, there is no way out of it. The point where I get completely pissed off with is if you compare similar rates for all of the different councils across Ireland. I’m open to correction but if I remember rightly most counties have a cap somewhere around the 10K mark.

    Also, the levy (if you bother to read it which most dont) is for habitual, so by that definition you shouldn’t pay for stairs or bathrooms etc or if you build a dormer then obviously where the dormer meets the wall (i.e. the slope within the room) if you cant stand under it sure as shit you cant live under it so get your architect to measure and exclude all areas that are not suitable and then talk to the council.

    Then again, its probably changed since then and most likely in their favor

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