Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Is O’Connors pub in Afghanistan???


Ha ha you must all think i’ve really lost it now. The toys are out of the pram, the bird has flown, sure he’s as mad as a bag of cats. However, your wrong if you think i have gone bonkers. The title is actually refering to the eyesore adjacent to the pub. Jesus god how were they allowed to leave the building site looking more like a bombsite. Unfortunatley, the developers that own the property more than likely have no money or even if they do they wont use it to tidy up the site. I think its a disgrace & ruins our pretty little village. If you stand outside the pub & look straight across you can see the pitch & putt which is kept beautifully. If you look left you can see down the road towards the bridge. This is also a lovely sight & the community council do sterling work to maintain our precious village. However, if you turn your head right & look up towards the football pitch you can help but notice the unfinished houses. Be careful not to look for too long though because it can actually cause you to become light headed & nauseous.

This brings me to the community council. It warms the heart to see them pottering up & down the road picking up sweet wrappers & they provide a very important service to the local area. However, they seem to stop walking when  they reach the pub, failing to notice the biggest, ugliest  piece of rubbish in the village.  Green fingers Donegan is seemingly on the council. Why not give him a few bob to buy shrubs to put around the perimeter? There is a big mound of clay on the site, so why not put a bank around it & put grass or flowers on it. That would be a much nicer option than the traditional hoarding, which in my humble opinion would make it look even worse.

So before the summer is out get your finger out, give Donegan a few quid & let him loose with a spade & a wheelbarrow & remove this horrible sight from the heart of our village.


  1. Here here… great idea

  2. nice compliment…. but I doubt that’ll happen somehow or another…..

    and even if me being on the community council may be considered a reason…. i still doubt it. I may only be new to ‘the’ council but… I’m guessing I’d be quicker getting the topsoil and plants without ‘go ahead’ myself – or would I be prosecuted for illegal dumping…. ?

    Think this may need a few renegade tractor drivers… 😉

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