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Its all fun an games until he cant get a Plane


Paul Walsh is currently over in Barcelona at The Mobile World Congress 2008 . He was enjoying himself so much with Pat Phelan, Niall Larkin, Florian Seroussi, Daniel Appelquist, Loren Feldman (his ramble buddy) and the rest he decided over a skype call that he was going to stick about for “another day”.

He ask me to search about for the best value return flight, which I found with Ryan Air cheap as chips, but thats where it all goes funny. After booking Paul says he doesn’t want to fly to London Stanstead, so he asks me to book EasyJet. I book the return flight for Feb 14th but when I read the booking confirmation it stated his return flight was Feb 15th!!

As you can imagine @paulwalsh‘s initial reaction, I’m *NOT* staying until f’in Friday and throws toys out of the cot (little did he know). When the tears stopped and after giving it some thought Paul decides to take the earlier Ryan Air flight. Luckily, I managed to finally get through to a person at EasyJet and luckily got a complete cancellation.

Did it all end there? Well lets see what Paul has to say


  1. Ticket to London Stansted : ยฃ78
    Tickets with EasyJet : ยฃ43
    Discovering you’ve stranded your boss in another country : Priceless.

    LOL @PaulWalsh

  2. @Dave the git has done much worse in the past. Luckily:

    I had an apartment to stay in and I ended up having dinner with the Founder/CEO of Twitter, Director of Experiences at Nokia (who picked up the tab, importantly) and a few others.

    You couldn’t pay to make that happen ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still stranded by the way – no idea what to do this afternoon. The saga hasn’t ended until after I have

    1) Made the plane (110KM away, thanks Aido!)
    2) Landed at Standstead (again, nowhere near my house, thanks Aido!)
    3) Made it to Liverpool street station
    4) Made it to Waterloo station
    4) Catch the taxi to my house from Guildford station.

  3. @Paul Walsh like I said on Twitter you are in The Game (

    Now that you have mapped out your stages there will be lots of people watching ๐Ÿ™‚

    and thats 5 stages Ted, lets hope your not locked out ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @Aido – Christ! Thanks, I don’t actually have a key.

  5. What Paul lacks in brains, he makes up in looks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Night over, car, plane, 3 trains, 2 tubes and taxi.

    Sounds like when I used to remote-manage Aido… fun days but tiring as all hell.

  7. @DaveWhite we never missed a flight in those days and had the luxury of town cars. Remember that short cut to the bar in Dulles just across the grass which turned out to be some form of storm drain, easy for you. I was in shorts and sandals lol

  8. @Michelle What a brilliant vid last week it cracked me up and SO typical of Walshie.
    He cant lack that much otherwise he’d be perfection personified

  9. Aido,

    really good post – the wait for it [Qik] made it all worthwhile… especially when I read dave whites 1st comment – your right dave…. priceless!

    @Paul – I’ve got an old hurley if you need to borrow it.
    @aido – maybe Paul put the signpost there.

    slรกn agus beannacht

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