Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Local companies sponsor the Irish Web Awards


The Irish Web Awards which take place in the Radission SAS, Dublin on October 11th have been proudly sponsored by three local companies. Those companies are:

What does a construction, engineering or landscaping company have to do with the Irish Web Awards. A typical short sighted answer would be nothing, these companies do not operate in the technology space. Well you are wrong, go back two spaces.

It demonstrates they are thinking outside the box. They get the Web, they see it as their future soap box for pushing products and services beyond the conventional Web site. They have been watching this space for sometime and are feeling a little more confident in what it has to offer them in return.

What will they get in return? Visibility and an introduction by friends who operate within this space to others within their community. There is nothing better than a word of mouth for business as its based on trust and everyone in business knows this.

Peter landscaped my gardens. Aidan of Priority Engineering fixed my electric gates and John (Aftar construction) is fitting a log burner and fabricated chimney in my kitchen over the weekend.

Peter and I drink in the same pub, Aidan and I swim in the same pool and John is… well ask him on Saturday 🙂


  1. A Chara Aido,

    For the record, John is a civil engineer helping a mates mate, mate! and I do you’re garden when your wife tells you [and you tell me].

    that clarifies that!
    slán agus beannacht

  2. Sure now the cats out of the bag about John! Dance Donegan Dance 🙂

  3. Fair play guys! See you on Saturday!

  4. oh my God! i thought only people in ballyboughal could see this… ?!!

    [looking forward to it darren mate?!!]

  5. @peterd did you leave the gate open again? Stranger alert!

    See you on Saturday Darren 🙂

  6. Thanks Adrian good to hear were appreciated in our field.
    Good luck with the gig.


  7. Thanks Adrian good to hear were appreciated in our field.
    see you there – drinks are [all] on me – so i [was] am told!


  8. @Aidan since your buying the drinks I’ll buy the chips 🙂

    Appreciated indeed big time.

  9. @adrian …you’re buying?!!
    @aidan stell …in your field – mocking?
    @darren come to think of it – i expected a little more of a verbal battering than that…

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