Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Local Events and Information ?


Quite recently we have been asked [plural] why some of Ballyboughal’s events do not appear on, Ballyboughal’s facebook page and/ or twitter account.

To sidetrack slightly… since the site started in February 2008, no spondulas have ever been received nor asked for in relation to No probelmo in that what-so-ever. We do however like lemon merangue pie. For those who’d really like to know Aido and Peter look after the costs. That’s not a complaint, far from it. We love doing this site and being quite honest have learned so much about Ballyboughal that we’d never have got to know unless we were writing this.

Far more important and to the point, we write, upkeep and maintain this site in our spare time. Because of that, this sometimes means on one hand we often find out about gigs a little to late to get to a computer to be able to type it up.

On the other hand [again free/ spare time in mind] we don’t get to every event or gig taking place in the area and – also – just sometimes unless we are told that something is happening we simply won’t, don’t or will never know about it and therefore logically can’t mention what we never knew in the first place.

If one wants to know how to best get their event, gig, business, club or whatever the case maybe put on the site – or even if you have something to say, might like to tell us a story, write here, found a video, who knows….

Simply click the about page or the contact page [in the top left hand] corner and pop an email over with whatever info or pictures you like. Or you can pop something in a post box or just let either know when you see whichever of us next. The only requirement is that it might be in someway related to Ballyboughal.

If it wasn’t for sure I’d never have got to see David O’Connor doing this… Makes me giggle every time 😆

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