Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

make the wheel a square?


i’m feeling rough i’m feeling wrong in this time of my life

…as the opening line of the Rick O’ Shea anthem goes. So why is this such an  appropriate opening line? Well, they’ve stolen Rick. They? 2fm.

Who makes the ludicrous decisions? somebody who obviously doesn’t listen to the people. The people? The listeners. If I only wanted music I’d turn on lyric fm. If I only wanted talk I’d turn on Newstalk.

But… have you ever felt down, upbeat, loved, unloved, that little bit aaaaaaaagh or that little bit wahaaaaaaaaay dude:) and that song just nips it right it the bud. But you know it needs pretext, it need relevance, it needs for us to feel it, to love it and to want it… it needs that ‘jerry maguire’ moment. It needs for one to close their eyes and see it in their heart.

I’m not the only one. Damien has written it. Una rocks knows it. They feel it here, Darragh really feels it and according to Mulley, the RICK CAMPAIGN is spreading. Cupid has done it big time here. I’m sure there are loads more… but this is just a taste of the flavour in my mouth.

It reminds me of the offside decision being reinvented – women never understood it and now not even the referees understand it. Well change offside in that sentence to rick and that is how we all feel. Do us all a favour and reverse the decision that should never have been made.

i’m feeling rough i’m feeling wrong in this time of my life