Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Manchester Unitied Soccer School


Recently Kyle and a few of his team mates attended a Manchester Untied Soccer Camp on the grounds of Swords Celtic FC. I didn’t get down to see them training everyday as I was away in New York with Paul Walsh on a business trip.

On the last day I did manage to get down for the final hour. By the looks of it the lads had an absolute blast. Covered in muck up to their eye balls is an understatement. As the camp finished the club announced it was in talks with Manchester United to hold more frequent camps, to the kids for what it cost it was worth every penny.

Here is a few photos of the lads who got dragged through the bush backwards. Arron looks like an army commander in a battle zone! Given the pitch conditions, I’m very surprised the coaches managed to stay to clean. The Manchester united team did say all the lads were on their best behavior, maybe the coaches themelves were expecting the odd slide tackle… next time boys!


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  2. As a far-away (USA) Man Utd fan, I enjoy reading blogs like this.
    Maybe one day I can make it to the UK to attend a soccer game.

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