Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

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Happy New Year I’m probably the last one to say it, mind you I find I’m saying it to more and more people as late into the year we are. Its seems everyone enjoyed their time off but most complained about the flu, it was a nasty dose indeed.

Some people still have their trees up, others have mentioned how they already miss them are are looking to buy a “big plant” to replace it, odd isn’t it.

Kids are back in school, hating it and complain about how short the xmas holidays really are. They are singing from the exact same hymn sheet as we all did as kids. Its weird to think that although the world moves on and technology advances and “apparently” life gets better (and easier) we still moan about the same shit.

Works back for everyone, we’re now moving full steam ahead into the new year to close all the gaps and wrap up all of those outstanding todo’s.

The queer fella @peterd is on a whistle wind tour of the south, going where ever Twitter takes him by the sounds of it. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to do.. travel the world by Twitter, use it to map your journey. Your starting and end point being where you stand and route decided via 140 character tweets. Food for thought.

Heading up to Kettles tonight for a few scoups and a jam on the aul guitar. No Peter this week, he will be missed.

Right so, up up and away.

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