Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08


NB: this only refers to an extremely minor minority. Thats said and unfortunately – it has to be said., the website is run and managed by Adrian and Peter.

We have never asked for nor received a cent to date since we started the site almost 4 years ago in February 2008. All of this done in our spare time.

Like anyone else, we have day time jobs [that we hope] pays the bills.We also have families and more often better things to do.

That aside and noted, we do enjoy and do our best to make this a good great place for all to visit for local news.

To The Point….

We do not have the time to write a set of rules to ensure grown ups conduct themselves in an orderly manner. We definitely do not have the time to begin policing comments that in short, cross the line.

What will not be accepted in any format on are comments on news posts, via email, online or other that may be considered hurtful, rude, vulgar or upsetting to or about any person. 

That said, I suppose one or two bad apples in almost 4 years is bound to happen.

To you who do comment, interact and visit the site, thank you.

The following are recent traffic statistics for collated yesterday.

  • 48,783 page views in the last 28 days
  • 2.45 pages/ per visit
  • 10,316 page views in the last 7 days

Should you wish to get in contact, please see about page for further information.


  1. Additionally I meant to add my apologies to your notation above on the “minor minority”. May the Blessings of God be with your patience.

    sincerest best and support, Johnathan

  2. Lads,

    What is the sense to all of this ? Take it offline or to another part of the site, it’s pointless from a viewers point of view. is a fantastic resource for the community and for those outside of our community. Remember, we get visitors to Ballyboughal, be it to local farm shops/suppliers, pitch & putt, GAA etc. People from outside of Ballyboughal find a very useful resource. I know someone in Swords that monitored the twitter feed recently when we got flooded out of it. Now, that’s adding value and free value I might add.

    As for the technology that is under the bonnet on this site, the lads are doing everything they possibly can to stay up with the updates etc. NOBODY (including government, banks etc) are safe from hackers. If there’s a away in, someone will find it just like they would breaking into your home or business. At the end of the day, all one can do is mae it as hard as possible so they move on.

    Long live, great site, great story, great success, great people (not that I have met any of you yet).

    Happy Christmas.

    From a Ballyboughal Neighbour & friend.

    Rory & family

  3. Rory

    thanks you, from myself and Adrian for your kinds words.
    Means a lot. Comments on this now closed.