Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

o’connors pub – it’s official – it’s opening


Moaning all in Ballyboughal, it official from the horses mouth, written on Moses’ tablet, cast in stone, she opens on next Monday 20th Oct.

...this time its really happening

...this time its really happening

some thought it would never happen. some thought it was never possible. In a town where the drop, the craic, the entire knowledge of what encapsulated community spirit and held it so tightly within its grasp had been left to wander idle for over 2 years…. It is, now, on the verge of what some may consider akin to poetry being given rock and roll status… a Hendrix like status, The Jim Morrison of Ballyboughal maybe… ? It is to be reborn, re-released, relaunched… it is to open!

The reality is people walk through the village and some don’t know their neighbours. O Connors pub was a mythical establishment that elimanted any mysteriousness over who, what or how that man was related. In one evening a family tree was discussed and on the back of the same beer mat the relativity theory was unravelled and reconstructed using that of a DNA molecule [deoxy-ribo-nucleic-acid].

What will there be? What’s it like? Who? What? Where and when? The rumours have started – but there’s only one way to put Marys, cousins, uncles, brothers, sister-in-law now known as Jim to the wrong…. I guess you’ll have to pop in and check it out for yourself!

One thing is for sure. Ballyboughal has something now that was lost for a while. A place where people new to the village can meet. A centre. A sense of community. A place to meet. A heart and above all a soul.