Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

O’Connors – The return of the Pub!



About two and half years ago O’Connors pub closed its doors. There was a lot of talk and speculation about why. I don’t know the actual facts so we’ll park that story. When that last pint was pulled and the taps dripped dry the social hub of the village died, well unless you were into a bit of tip-tap-toe in the local hall.

Many people in Ballyboughal had to go else where to find a pint, for some it was Oldtown, The Naul or Kettles Hotel

You’d often hear people repeating the same conversation about if they owned the pub they’d do this and that.  The stories on the grape vein were classic…groups of locals getting together to purchase it, others talked about those who were “officially in talks” about same. But, most were ripping it down build apartments which was countered by the “Its a protected building” argument.  All expert opinion and great foundation for hours on endless conversations, brilliant stuff.

The pub may have been closed but there wasn’t a day were someone didn’t mention it. Its not protected, its not being ripped down and did Walt Disney is not purchasing it. The true facts may remain undisclosed but do you really care, I don’t, it would be nice to know but its of little benefit here or there. You can always believe what you hear on the grape vein 🙂

Finally O’Connor’s re-opened its doors while I was away on Hong Kong last week. I’ve heard it was jam packed just like old times. So, last night I paid my first visit (which reminds me my car is still in the car park!). As expected it got more than just a B&Q make over. The layout is the same, no change there but as you enter you notice the smell of fresh paint and new carpets in the air.

The lounge now sports a huge plasma TV which must be for the football fans. The bar’s got a new wooden floor, a huge benefit for the set dancers. All the seat , chairs and bar stools have been nicely recovered and the walls, a lick of coluorful paint and some new art.

It’s great to see if open again. Last night I saw some folks there that I’ve not seen since it closed. The new bar staff seemed very friendly. Some say they wont return, they’ll stay where they are and thats fine, but I’m happy to have the ability to “walk” home from the pub hail rain or shine. Mind you it was freezing when we left to go home.

So did you hear about yer man whose opening the chipper?


  1. O’Connors is back – well at long last I do not have to drive to get a pint. I walked home, it is just a nice feeling to able to Have a few pints of the black stuff and Walk Home. Nicely decorated and warm and cozy.The new big screen is great as is the wooden floor in the Bar. The new owners seem ok.

    Welcome back, long over due

  2. @Roger Ramjet lol thats exactly what I said 🙂 agree 100%

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