Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

August 21, 2015
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Ireland’s Favourite Poet – Please Vote Ballyboughal’s Verona Pentony


This in from The Ronnie Delaney who sez: 

Hi Peter,
We have a poet laurite in our very own village of Ballyboughal, Verona Pentony, who is also a singer in our local Choir and has been shortlisted for ‘Ireland’s favourite poem about rural life’, which the winning poem will be announced at the National Ploughing Championships.

Between now and Wednesday, September 9th, people are asked to submit their suggestions to Poem (in this case Verona’s poem – details how below) for the Ploughing. 

The top five/six poems nominated by Sept 9th will be put on display in the Kildare & Leighlin tent at the Ploughing Championships and visitors will have the chance to vote for their favourite.

We wish her every success with this entry.

What to do:


Much thanks the Ron. And very merry best wishes Verona.


August 13, 2015
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Photo Friday – Broomfield/ Mainscourt, Ballyboughal 

(Left to Right) John Brunkard, Anna Brunkard (née Browne), Thomas Brunkard and Phillip Brunkard.

This in from the Thomas Brunkard who sez:

Peter! long story short, but someone who knows you and via this site then me, noted that his house, Wildwood, was my granduncle’s former abode.

I can’t remember what it looked like when Great Uncle Tom was alive but this is the house in Broomfield/ Mainscourt my family lived in if you’d like to pass it along.

I found it recently and nearly lost myself with the excitement as it’s got my Great granda Philip in there.

Might be a nice one for Ballyboughallers on that road to see. It’s taken in the mid 1920s

Hope all is well up there!

Brilliant. Genius. Nice one Thomas. Happy Friday. 

August 7, 2015
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Photo Friday: Potholes For Sale 

This fridays pic with thanks to The Caroline Corbally. Picture above snapped nearer the Roganstown end of the Mace….

Been dying to get my hand on that for yonks…..

If ye think that one’s good…. You might like this one below from Co Clare. Cheers to Jason an crew  at team ParkYa.

Happy Friday. 

Ballyboughal in mind…. Anyone any nice pics ye might wanna send on ?