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July 15, 2014
by Admin


Please note:

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Peter and Aido


July 9, 2014
by Admin

Save Fingal Leader #saveleader

save fingal leader

This in from Ron and the Fingal Leader folks

Hi Ballyboughal

You might get a tweet of support from Ballyboughal out there, this is a very important funding programme for rural communities, we in Bally boughal have benefitted from their support.

Their email including the poster above goes as follows

Hi All,

Please see attaché poster promoting the LEADER Rally in Dublin tomorrow.
Please support our efforts to keep the LEADER programme with the rural communities.
If you can join us tomorrow in our protest rally or if not please display our poster locally or in your car.

Thank you in advance for your support.

July 3, 2014
by Admin

Moving Photo Friday – Cottage In The Country. Martin Byrne Music

Moving Photo. Better known as a video.

This weeks moving photo/ video was recorded on location at St Patricks Hall, Ballyboughal’s better known to some as the old school opposite the pub; or the place where The Fingal folk Club take place. It also pictures a thatch cottage that some of you might recognise, also from Ballyboughal – And it was recorded and produced by Ballyboughal’s very own Ronnie Eoin Delaney of Directing Media from just up the back lane.

Cottage in the Country‘ is the second single to be released from Martin Byrne’s second album ‘A Long Long Way From Ireland‘.

More information:

My Ireland, the first album by Martin Byrne:

martin byrne, cottage in the country 2014

June 27, 2014
by Admin

Photo Friday: Produce of Ballyboughal


Produce of Ireland says you ? Produce of Bally f*#^in Bockal says I.

Picture above, Phil Murtagh’s empty strawberry punnet.

Fancy chewing on some this weekend ? In a flute of champagne ? Some horderves on the side. Yummy. Bit of Tom Jones on in the background….. ;)

Grand. You can by them and other varying fantastic (Kevin ? ) home grown produce at Denis’ place – Up the side of the pub, first/ only decent pull in on your left hand side.

Fair play Denis. Ye legend.

Please note: champagne (strictly speaking a bit lump of land/ region) and horderves not produce of Birds Field Farm. Same goes for Tom.

June 25, 2014
by Admin

Welcome Ruby’s Cottage Coffee and Tea Rooms

rubys, coffee shop ballyboughal

Villages everywhere have ups and they have downs, but a little smile came to my face when I drove past and saw the thatch cottage in Ballyboughal Village complete with Ruby’s signage and matching vehicle outside this week. Nice to see and great for the village.

And by the time I got home, the following note sat on my desktop:

And there you have it. Local, supporting local, supported by locals. Fantastic. As me oul’ mucker Kevin would say.

All reports in so far ? None and I mean not one, have disagreed with the report above. Now I just need to get down meself and try that brie that all the girls have been harping on about.

More news as we get it. In the meantime, fair play Ruby’s and all the best with future. ;)

As a by the way Ruby’s Cottage is on the bookface

June 25, 2014
by Admin

Beware of Fake Bank Drafts

An Email in from Garda Kate of Balbriggan Garda Station

AGS have published guidelines on their website today advising members of the public in relation to buying and/or selling vehicles through on-line websites. Several instances have been reported to Gardaí in relation to several scams regarding this to date.

If possible, would you mind publishing this link to the AGS website highlighting to your readers, the need to be vigilant.

Buying and/or Selling Cars Online – Beware of Scams

If for any reason this link does not work please let me know.

Many thanks,
Kate Brennan, Garda
Balbriggan Garda Station
ph: 01-8020510

With the great weather everyone is in top happy form. This is also the time when these scammers take full advantage.

They call and are your best friend, they say all the right things and do the deal.

If your offered payment by way of bank draft do what I did, tell them that’s no problem as long as they are happy to go to your bank while you lodge it.

The genuine guys (which was in my case) was only happy to do so. I lodged the draft, it cleared and I handed him the keys.

Not everyone is so lucky cos the scammers tend to collect in the evening outside of banking hours, using all the usual excuses albeit can’t get out of work etc which is a fair enough.

Cash is king at the end of the day and most people are genuine I guess the best rule of thumb is don’t accept bank drafts.

I know of one person who got stung like this selling his ride on lawn mower.

This very topic was covered on The Journal recently.

June 23, 2014
by Admin

Winners: Ballyboughal Swim Team !


This loverly bit of news just in from Louise who sez:

Ballyboughal swim team came home with a haul of medals from dublin community games!

2 gold, 2 silver & 4 bronze! 3 qualified for national finals in august. Team members were kate & ruth barrett, megan mcglion, amy & lara mcevoy.

G’wan the Boughal ! Fair play.