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Rathbeale Library to close down


Fingal County Council is proposing to close down Rathbeale Library!

This came in through the mailbox from John Smith (thanks by the way). It’s news to me, my kids frequent the library on a regularly basis and the current location is so handy dandy with parking and being able to nip into JC’s.

Story below…


Are you aware that Fingal County Council is proposing to close down Rathbeale Library and re-locate it to County Hall where there is no parking. This seems like an insane decision being made for all the wrong reasons. This library would be a vital link for rural dwellers with it being located beside the supermarket where so many people shop

In 2012 Swords library had 129,000 visitors making it one of the busiest if not the busiest on a visitor per square foot basis (Blanchardstown which is 7 times the size had 416,000 visitors) It seems obvious to me that the location beside a busy supermarket and the ready availability of parking must be major contributing factors to these stats. Could anyone seriously see the match of that number making the much bigger effort of getting into County Hall! I don’t think so. Providing a fancier facility but used by less people is not serving the people of Swords. It wouldn’t happen in Malahide. I would imagine that the furore about reduced hours in other libraries would be minor in comparison to what will happen if people realise the implications of any proposal to move from Rathbeale.

The complimentary activities of shopping and library provide an attractive proposition for people with children and this would be completely lost down the town.

Could you bring this to the attention of all the people that Like your site and point them to the saverathbealelibrary facebook page. Also encourage them to make their feeling known to the Manager and the Councillors particularly with local elections coming up next year.

John Smith

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