Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

recession my arse


i feckin have

i feckin have

people say theres a recession. I say my arse there is. I get my pension. What do I care. I get my coal dropped around to me as well at Christmas time. Houses aren’t selling? What do I care. I have my house. You builders were too greedy anyway. So your houses wont sell. Here’s a tip. Stop asking for so much money. You boys did for years. Drove prices through the roof so ye did. Now prices have come down. What do I care. I have my house and Im not moving anywhere. Years ago people were saying to me your house and that bit of lad is worth so much money. Says who? McMahon? I only get the millions if I sell it. And where will I live in another house in Ballyboughal that I cant afford? How about I move in with you Mc Mahon? How would you like that?

Recession my arse. I see you were in the pub Mc Mahon. I didn’t see you in there. I just read your piece on this website. What do I care. I’m not going in there. I’m not going out. I’ve not been well again. It’s been cold. At least I don’t have to look a your mug. Recession my arse.  I told you before Mc Mhon I don’t like you. I am old man. I’m a very old man. I dont have to like you. People ask me why I m not going out anymore. I tell them ‘theres a recession going on, did you not hear about it?’ Is there really. No. I get my medical card.

People in this place are obseessed with money and big houses. People say recession. I say my arse. How many houses are being built in ballyboughal?And what did they do to the pub Mc Mahon. A lick of paint and a bit of new carpet from Des Kelly you say! And the whole town goes mentel. Heres a tip for ye. Go to Kettles. They flattened the place and rebuilt it. Maths? Did it you do it?. I’m nt going to kettles. Not for a while. I heard Donegan was there playing guitar. I didnt hear you there McMahon. Shut up Donegan I dont like you either. You should stick to gardens. Instead of playing that claptrap you call music.

Everybodys out. Everybodys building. This town has changed. Recession? Park outside the school and count the old bangers of cars – how many did you see. Recession my arse.


  1. Ah there you are gump 🙂

    Whats got your back up, wake up and couldn’t find your teeth?

    get well soon.

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