Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Road closed expect long delays


In a recent post I mentioned the village is getting new foot paths. Over the last few days it seems we are not getting a new road to compliment the new paths, again this is all good news.

My only problem is the people the contractors choose to put on point duty. They stand idle while you sit in your car looking at them. They see you but they hope you don’t see them, which is almost impossible as they are wearing Hi-Viz jackets.

At lunch time, I was told the road to Swords was closed. I had to take an alternative route, but I only found this out because I asked. The chap on point duty had little or no English and also was a little frustrated from dealing with people.

Note to the point men: If you see a car approach, don’t ignore it. Walk up and tell them the road is closed. You are working on behalf of Fingal County Council so a simple sorry for the troubles it caused will go along way.

Don’t expect an motorist who has to get out of the car to be happy when talking to you.

Note to contractors: Make sure your point men can hold a conversation in English, people will generally be patient, but if they are left sitting for 10 minutes with no sign of movement they will be frustrated.

Edit: Its Monday and they contractors are still at it.  They will probably be there for a while.  I popped out to the post office and to my surprised the point man was Irish 100% English speaking, Polite and Very Helpful.  Thats proper customer service, manage the expectancy and do it well.  Must find out that chaps name as its worth a mention to his peers.


  1. Try call the DEll Support Line who are india…now thats what i call frustration. My Dell Laptop had a blue screen crash 2 weeks ago. I rebooted error appeared NO FIXED DISK. I rang Dell Support local call to India. What should have been a 5 min call ended up being 35mins. He roared at me and I roared at him on the phone. HE said i should have spelled out the word to him i said i did.
    Now if HIBERNIAN Insurance think they are going to keep cutomers because they have moved there saled and support to India they can think again. After my experience with Dell Support, im not renewing my Car insurance or Home insurance with them next year. Simply because im not spending that much time on the phone. Call me racist but im not, i rate companies on there support. If the support is bad i dont want to be paying that company for a service. Dont even mention the word NTL to me.There is no way westerners should be caling a call centre in Bangalore to renew a policy in Hibernian. Ive emailed Hibernian months ago saying i see your moving jobs to India dont expect me to be renewing my policies with ye. Id rather open a policy with an Irish firm where the jobs are kept in Ireland….RANT over !! After reading your Blog on the guy who didnt want to help you who had terrible english i just had to reply to your blog.He’s gettting paid to provide people with information and to help them be aware that there is roadworks going on and tat the road is closed yet you feel like your putting him out by asking him a question. Madness !!!

  2. @Steve I hear ya. There is nothing worse than buying something in good faith. You build a relationship with that brand and then it takes only a 3rd party out sourced support team to rip it apart.

    I wont ditch dell, I’d recommend their hardware as its never failed me, but I wouldn’t buy another Dell.

    If you want to experience type of service you’d expect from any supplier then I suggest you ring up Apple support. They pull out all the stops to see you right.

    I had a previous experience a while back with a call centre agent

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