Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

o’connors saturday music night…

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playing O' Connors

playing O' Connors

Saturday night music in O’Connors? Yes you heard it here first….

A two piece band….? Mother of God what is the world coming to…?!!

Yes the boys called Paddy Go Easy will play in the left hand side – the lounge in the pub this Saturday.

Will this be every week…. ? My guess is – if it works out for the lads who run the pub. But… I don’t know to be very honest. One has to give a bulaidh bós to the lads in Connors for making the effort…?

It may not be U2 – but it’s something more than you had there last Saturday…. And if you don’t like that you can also ‘see’ if you can get a game of darts [or hoops] in the snug – that’s if ‘Richard Gere McGill’ will give you a game 😆

What do you think?

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  1. This is without doubt a first. A live band playing in O’Connors on a Saturday night, will be interested to see how it pans out.

    Best of luck to the lads for putting on the show. Now time to spread the word around the village 🙂

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