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SnagIT to send the right message


I’ve found what I’m looking for. If your reading this then there is a possibility that I have at some point now or in time referenced this blog as I’ve forgot the true url for the creators of SnagIT.

What is SnagIT – well like buying a new house, one of the last things you do is create a snag list of changes.  In the world of DUB DUB DUB  as a Website owner, Blogger, Mad Yoke or Other Thing there will come a frustratingly bad time where you’ll try to explain your changes over the phone to someone else somewhere who just “doesn’t get” what it is you want them to do, because you’ll ask for that square to me moved there and this to be coloured like that.

You will in fact wreck the poor designer/developer or free lancers head, they may even come to hate you even if you are a nice guy. Mirroring that you may even come to hate them thinking of them as dumb ass dip shits and every other name a totally frustrated exhausted person may think of.

Well the answer to your problems is SnagIT – Trust me it works very very well, I’m sure there are many other apps out there that do the same job, but I just love SnagIT.  It the perfect little fly on the wall of your desk top that paitnely sits there waiting for you to scream “For fuck sake, that’s not it” and like a hot snot ready to rock.

So how does it work?  Well first off you have to install it to suit your OS.  SnagIT supports both OSX and Windas. After you install it, simply fire it up (nods slowly, yes launch the application).

It works by creating an image of what you see on your computer monitor and allows you to add very idiot proof specific notes of changes required.  Its loaded with some great simple and easy to use tools.

As there is no simple editor like MS-Paint on OSX SnagIt fits the bill as a good all rounder.

perfect little fly

Install it, try it FOR FREE and I’ll be very surprised if you don’t like it or in fact need it.

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