Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Super paths to freedom

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I recently posted about the dire conditions of the main road and hoping they wouldn’t be left in shite as they had.

We are getting new paths but this time they (Fingal) appear to be getting it right.  I wonder did someone from the council decide to walk the village and maybe bring a few kids along to discover the risks.  I’m guessing probably not.  In the past walking to the shop was a bit of a dare.

If the cars passing didnt mount the path and clip you, they’d get you on the bend after loosing control.  Probably catching you with a bit of a flip and landing in Donohoe Agri’s field.

We’re getting super paths.  Man, they are high and believe me that is a good thing.  I don’t think there is a chance of a tractor mounting that curb without someone behind the wheel noticing. A car definitely couldn’t mount them.

Yes, they will damage a car (tough luck- slow down- watch the road), but at the same time they will keep the cars where they should be (on the road) and probably save a life.

If you had ever tried to pull out of my road on a wet day, you know the prayer ” I hope to shit no one come speeding around that corner” because they would, did and have lost control in the past, mounted the curb and add additional shock and loss of control and you’ve got yourself into a right mess.

I’m delighted, people will be safe.  Fair play to Siearra and Fingal for getting it right first time.  No one needs to cross the road at that point so the height of the curb isn’t an issue.

Also a few kids are starting to play on that green so the worry of the cars is not so much.

One Comment

  1. A Chara Aido,

    and so you’re back… well written and point[s]well made. Seems like that man on his bridge’ had some valid points as well – if he just took the kilinaskully f***in talk out.

    have a great day
    slán go foill

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