Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

telephones & spice burgers arrive in ‘boughal…..?


i went down to enrico’s. saturday. i realised they now have a phone number. make that a telephone. talk about bally-pothole moving with the times 😉 next you know it’ll be a facsimile machine.

so i rang them. put in the order. and went down to collect my dinner.

enricos-fish-and-chip-ballyboughal telephone

who needs broadband.....?

for those reading this outside of the town of bally-go-windy-roads you may find this humorous…. :roll: but up until a few months ago the only shop in this town was and still is the petrol station about 3 odd miles away from me and the nearest other shop is about 7/8 miles away….. so this is an extreme case of monumental evolution. fact!I’m thinking of writing to the town council to erect a statue.

In a turn of rhetoric events – you may remember the irish times pieces entitled

‘chippers’ mourn the loss of the spice burger

things got pretty serious in bally-go-fall-in-a-ditch-regulars

not in ballyboughal…… we always had them




Of course evetually it was a national return. The Irish Times tells the full story.

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