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Thank You, Ballyboughal: Temple Street Coffee Morning. Sat, 13 Feb 2016.


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Some time ago we noted that 3 Ballyboughal lads were going to do a half marathon. For Temple Street. Long story short, we needed to raise a few quid.

Of note: there is much pointing in the photographs in this posting. See below.

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We needed a location and St Patricks Hall (pointed at above) was donated. And within moments literally of that being noted, hands were raised, offerings were made and ladies offering to bake proudly strolled out of the woodwork with armfuls of ingredients.

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Lists were made – a féte no man is honestly capable of I should add – napkins and candles arrived….. I know ?

Ambient coffee shop music played at just the right volume; and we and you who came along – thank you – found ourselves at a coffee morning; complete with silent black and white movies playing at one end of the hall.

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I’ll try not to note too many individuals, for fear we leave someone out – but – you, you who turned up in your droves, with cake and money – Thank you. Without you there would have been no coffee morning. And I and we, are so very grateful that you did. And, whilst you are reading this, I am standing on the kitchen table applauding you for being so very fantastic.

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In the local business department some went a little stage above and beyond the call of duty. And pictured above is Caroline (right) and Aisling (left) of Mace Ballyboughal. Of note, they sell Two Spots Coffee that was freshly ground and served that morning. Thank you both.

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Tommy of Mainscourt Electrical also popped by. Sound fella – he’s based just opposite Eddie Rockets in Swords.

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Pauline of Bualadh Bos Montessori (based in St Patricks Hall) ran in for just a brief moment. Brief enough says you to nab this pic, above.

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And just about finally, above The Dave Walton (representing Ballyboughal Community Council) and El Presidenté Ronnie Delaney (Head of St Patricks Hall and a second pair of hands), without which this morning would not have taken place.

Thank you all. For your very wonderful generosity.

Peter, Kevin and Sean.

ps: we would also like to thanks the 2 politicians for the loan of their posters; on the back of which noted our coffee morning and stuck to the windscreen of Seans van.

And finally, finally says you…… This in from the lovely folks at Temple Street this morning.

Huge X

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