Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

The Galtymore


galtymore dance hall

I was talking to a friend of mine recently about this. He does some work in Cricklewood. Its a great town. I’m still very fond of the place. Such good memories for me and I’m still saddened that it closed. As the galteemore website says:

For countless thousands of Irish emigrants to London during the 20th century the Galtymore in Cricklewood, London was more than just a dance-hall. It was a home from home, a piece of Ireland where each weekend they could meet Irish friends from all over London, hear the music from the Irish country and showband scene and better still, get to see the showband stars in person.

Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas were always special at this venue for those who were exiled in London. Stars like Dickie Rock, Big Tom and Joe Dolan were all frequent visitors. The Galtymore was the original Ballroom of Romance and many a lifelong relationship began at this famous dancehall.

The Galtymore website is still live – click here – and brimming with pictures and memories of [not so] old. As one comment on the guest book puts it

good bye galty.sorry 2 see it gone.thats the last is dance hall gone

Even the late great Joe Dolan played there. I myself, I remeber seeing Declan Nerney and his band. You’d might think I would think different – but he was brilliant! I was at Peggy Gordons send off there too. How fitting for such a lady. So what happens now.

I haven’t been in a while. I missed the place to be honest. Tommy Moran in the Crown [Moran] Hotel usually lools after me – as do all the staff. I should give the place a call… I think i’ll go there soon for old times sake, because it makes me smile fondly. Home from home.

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