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The green party try to ban hunting!!!


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Was anybody watching RTE 1 at about half ten last night? I was. It was about banning the Ward Union from hunting stags. Who, you may ask, has initiated this ban? It is of course the Austin Powers ‘Flower  Power’ political party of the year, namely the jolly green giants.

The ward have being hunting stags for hundreds of years. It was started by retired British army men, a point highlighted by Senator Neil whatshisface who was the Green party rep. on the panel last night. He mentioned this point with a note of such disdain it left me wondering if is he trying to play the whole ‘Brits out’ card in an attempt to get a public majority behind his party’s thinly veiled eradication of country pursuits. I must point out that this is mere speculation as I don’t want the green party in the trees outside my house with placards.

I am not a murderer. I like animals. I have lots of them & enjoy hugging them. I also like hunting. Do you think, as an animal lover, i would like hunting if it meant the  animals being pursued endured unnecessary suffering? The answer is no. So how has this silly minority party began calling the shots in the Dail? Since they have come into ‘power’ they have cost farmers a fortune with stupid fees & stupid windows for spreading slurry & manure. I think we should spread our slurry & manure in the windows of their houses.

One final comment about the programme last night. Where did they find the supporters of the ban. I couldn’t help but notice that they were predominantly middLe aged, fur hating, publicity loving fish wives. On of them introduced herself as a hunt saboteur. Hunting is a sport. If i ran out on to Croke Park & started interfering with the players what would happen me. Yes, I would be arrested & vilified in the press. I would probably claim insanity & head off  on my merry way never to be seen again. I think these idiots should too.

So pop down to the your local pub or bookmakers & stick your name on the petition.

Mise le Meas

note: peter had brought this up before in coversation with Green Paty Senator Dan Boyle

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