Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

The Real GAA All Stars… Ballyboughal Rangers


In a tough battled Leinster semi final versus St. Mochtas of Louth, Ballyboughal finally ended the greatest run ever in the history of the club and the village.

As an opening line… it was a tough battle, on many levels – but let us not forget – on so many greater levels what these men, these great men,  forever now remebered in the history of the town – did, for us all and for this small village.  


To the match, played in the cold wind and rain… it did not stop the supporters turning out. It did mean however that playing into the wind and more than that, on such a slippery surface that one team was going to get the rub of the green.

To put in context, the effect playing into the wind and the weather had…. St. Mochtas scored two points in the second half – the exact same amout as Ballyboughal scored in the first half.

Here’s how it was reported live online – it appears back to front here btw.

Some Pictures from the day are below.

A note of thanks to Nookie Senior for doing the online commentary with me.

I’ll leave at that for the moment… what do you think….? leave a comment below.

  • Game over well done St mochtas
  • Great game ballyboughal.
  • Seavers point 2-8 to 0-11
  • Robbie on for dickser
  • Sm 2-8 to bb 0-10
  • Seavers point
  • Sm point 2-8 to 0-9
  • 2-7 to 0-9 oooooooh?!! 4 points in it now!!!
  • Delaney point
  • G seavers pt 2-7 to 0-8
  • G Rooney pt now 2-7 to 0-7
  • Sm 2-7 bb 0-6
  • G seavers point for bb
  • Mc philipinne on for Eoin o Brien
  • K wynne point sm 2-7 to bb 0-5
  • Sm point 2-7 to bb 0-4
  • G Seaver point sm 2-6 to 0-4
  • Bb g Rooney Pt sm2-6 to 0-3
  • 2nd half.. 
  • Sm 2-6 to bb 0-2
  • Sm 1-6 to BB 0-2
  • Sm 1-5 to bb 0-2
  • G Seavers point sm 1-4 to 0-2
  • Lar lynch off Keith lynch on
  • Sm 1-4 bb 0-1
  • G. Seavers point for bb
  • Sm 1-4 bb 0-0
  • Sm 1-3 bb 0-0
  • Sm 1-2 bb 0-0
  • Sm 0-2 bb 0-0
  • Bb playing against the wind first half . Sloppy out there…
  • Sm 0-1 bb 0-0
  • And were off
  • Nice to see the supporters out on such a windy day…;)
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