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The Tesla Roadster makes SMART look dumb


There is a new kid on the block packing a whole lot of punch that even your local tree hugger would embrace. It looks the business, its mean, its sporty, in fact its got so much torque they’ve had to design a 3rd generation transmission to keep it under control.

It will stand up and roll over to any competition on Irish Roads, XKR’s, Aston Martins, BMW, Mercedes etc and its battery powered, yes think duracell bunny on speed.

Its the Tesla Roadster, wait, get this… its 100% electric, t goes from 0-60 mph (not kilometers) in 4 seconds, it has a faster over taking acceleration speed (between 30-70 mph) than any other production car AND does roughly 135 miles to the gallon, which is less than 2 cents (USD) per mile as Robert Scoble said WOW!

Tesla roadster

Robert had the pleasure of not just your average test drive, he got to witness the cars true wild side in a Santa Monica street race against Jason Calacanis in a Corvette, see photo of Jason standing behind his Corvette below.

Jason Calacanis

The lads go one better by using QIK to stream live video of the event onto the Web.

Check out Jasons QIK video introducing Robert as he goes for a ride in the Tesla

See Roberts fly on the wall QIK video from within the Tesla.

We’re all looking to go more eco friendly on th Emerald Isle, using those oddly coloured wheelie bins but lets be honest Smart Cars just didn’t cut it. They may be practical but man they are goofy. Take a look at the Tesla Roadster, its a babe in knee high boots, you’ll turn, you’ll look, you’ll stare, you’ll bite your lip as you run you hand along its lines and wish like a school boy.

The bad news is I’d say the nearest distributor will be UK based (I hope not), and then we have the refueling recharging problem I don’t know of any capable stations in Dublin or Ireland. I wonder (bit of a fantasy going on here) if it would be possible to charge at home, if so that would be awesome and a serious unique selling point.

Robert says on his post Tesla is working on a sedan (saloon) model costing around 50, 000 USD which is roughly ā‚¬34,000. Thats very reasonable when you consider the fuel economy.

If the government had any brains they could encourage companies to consider these as fleet cars, or go one step further and work with the Irish Taxi Federation to encourage its members to move over from conventional fuels by granting the drivers with the same value tax credit equivalent over a 3 year period.

Check out Roberts original post here, you can almost feel his excitement and buzz!


  1. Nissan-Renault and the Israeli government are alreadu doing this –

  2. Martin, Its all good news and we have a better chance of a Renault or Nissan product reaching Irish customers, I just hope their designs are as attractive šŸ™‚

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