Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

The Village Montessori Ballyboughal


Paige (3) attended her first day at The Village Montessori , Ballyboughal which is run in the local GAA club house by local staff.  It seemed a little odd that Paige was out of sorts this morning with a few tears as she is no stranger to play school. It was a big step up as her bothers and sisters made a big deal of it for her.

I went to collect her and was very impressed with what I saw.  I’d never been in the club house before.  The room layout for the kids is ideal, very spacious with bouncy mats on the floor to take the blow of the odd tumble.

The teachers/careers/staff are very friendly and keep a very watchful eye on the kids.  You know kids if they see a gap they make a break for it. Just as one did but he didn’t get very far. A member of staff was hot on his heels.  Maybe he just needed the chase 🙂

You just know the kids are in good hands.  Parents can send their kids to Montessori knowing how they went in is how they’ll come out.  When a child is painting their clothes are protected by overcoats.  The kids can have fun, make a mess and not worry about what state they will be in when it comes to going home.  Not a biggie to any child but it goes along way for any parent who is picking up their child and heading else where.

All in all they have a very good setup and very friendly staff. I think they have a full house (and hands full), but if you want their contact details leave a comment and I’ll follow up

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