Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Things I hate… blow ins


I hate them? I don’t even know them. My Father was a blow in. He moved here. My Mother was a blow in. She moved here too. They didn’t tell anyone. Not many people lived here then. Nobody knew they’d moved here. I can drive my vehicle how I like. You can just wait behind me. I own this place. You’ve got a big jeep. I don’t care. Soon you’ll take over the town. Connors pub may return. I hope it doesn’t. I was barred. I got back in though. Blows in are all the same. Ballyboughal. No! Baile bachaille. My baile. My home town. The servants town not home of the staff you eejit Adrian. You’re a blow in too Donnegan. I don’t mind you. You don’t talk as much as McMahon. You played guitar once. I heard you. You were Shite. Thats my opinion. People applauded. You never played guitar Mc Mahon. You Father does. He good. Your Shite anyway. Your Both Blow ins. I hope you move back out. Why do I hate blow ins? Because I’ve lived in Ballyboughal all my life.

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